Sobi is a Squamish-based branding and graphic design collective founded and led by Anna Sobieniak.

Since collaboration and asking a lot of questions is central to how we work, we thought an interview with Anna was a natural way to learn more about Sobi. So that’s what we did.

Sobi isn’t just Anna?

As creative director and head designer, I lead the creative process and work directly with each of my clients. But I also bring in great people to help along the way – illustrators, web developers, photographers, writers, too.

Collaboration always makes things better. One good suggestion can be transformational. It’s also a lot more fun.

Who is a Sobi Client?

In a lot of ways they’re like me: someone whose business was born from something they couldn’t stop thinking about. I was devoted to art and painting from a young age, I started studying it, and when I discovered graphic design I knew I had found my calling: it was such a lovely combination of the artistic and the applicable.

Most of our clients are pursuing something personally important: a solution to a problem, a way to take care of themselves, or something that speaks to their lifestyle and community.

What sets Sobi apart?

There’s another big reason business choose to work with Sobi: they get all the things that an agency is good at — adherence to deadlines, work ethic, speed, variety of options, comprehensive services — but in a more personal way. Not casual — you get all the professionalism you deserve — but more approachable. You can get me on the phone, cut to the chase, no layers. It’s faster, more effective.

I was trained and worked in the agency world, but wanted to work more one-on-one, get to the kind of relationships that lead to better work and are more personally rewarding.

I want my clients to find me an ally, a sidekick, a co-problem solver. A collaborator who’ll be honest and direct, and won’t spend time and money on things they don’t need. I’m an entrepreneur, too, I see the invoices and the expenses every day, just like my clients do.

What’s the last thing you want to share?

It’s actually the first: what we’re doing is not about us, it really is about you. You’re coming to us for our expertise, but you’re the expert in you, in what you see and want, and feel. What’s most important to me is that you feel confident and empowered in the work we do together.

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