Web Design &
Development Services

Simply seamless sites.

The days of elaborate, over-programmed, websites are over. Now, your product or service should be the hero; the experience, intuitive and effortless; the big picture of your brand and mission, immediately clear.

It also should be stumble-free, and that’s where we come in. Our web process is as deliberate and consultative as everything else we do. And we’re happy to take you from initial design inspiration to launch and beyond.

Beautiful to look at, and even more so to use. Confidence in a click.

Design and development are better together.

Here’s a big Sobi plus: we don’t farm out development, we do it in tandem with design so everything is seamless and we’re always on the same web-page.

Web Design

  • Wireframes & Prototyping
  • Page designs
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Responsive Web Design

Web Development

  • Front-End Development
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • WordPress & Shopify
  • Forms and Data Collection
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP best practices
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility


  • Web Security and SSL
  • Website Maintenance and Content Updates
  • Web Hosting and Domain Management


We all want to be known and valued for who we truly are. Brands are no different. Together, we’ll make your essence real and irresistible.

Graphic Design

Design is a language: like speaking, the less and more distinctive the better. Let’s express your voice and personality through colour, graphics and more.


You’ve poured so much of yourself into your product or service. Make it come to life with the help of our expert product and lifestyle photographers.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Should I hire a web designer?

Hiring a web designer depends on your specific needs and the complexity of your website project. A web designer is trained to focus on the visual aspects of a website, including layout, colour schemes, typography and overall user experience. They are skilled in creating aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly designs that communicate your key messages in the most effective and concise way, while also ensuring your branding is present. We recommend you hire a web designer to ensure you’re getting a functional, modern and visually appealing site that showcases your business and tells your story with ease and flair.

Should I hire a web developer?

Hiring a web developer is recommended if you have specific technical requirements for your website or simply want it to function smoothly. If you need custom features or functionality that pre-built templates can’t deliver, a web developer can create custom code to handle it. Web developers are also experts in back-end functionality: content management systems, database integration, e-commerce capabilities and more, all of which are time-consuming and complicated to learn. A web developer will optimize your website for responsiveness across different devices and ensure that all transactions, links, videos and more work perfectly. Anything less raises red flags with customers used to speeding through sites and getting what they need in a few clicks.