Graphic Design Services

Clear, confident, & timeless.

Your brand is who you are. How do we show it?

Our goal is to uncover and reveal your brand’s essence, in a logo, a look, a suite of design touches that instantly announce you with authority, clarity and simplicity.

But we never forget that it’s your brand. So if, say, blue isn’t your thing, we’ll find a colour that is. (Unless it really, really needs to be blue. Or blue-ish.)

Thoughtful, deliberate graphic design.

Everything your brand will appear on has its best practices, and we speak them all. Does illustration represent you better than photography? Is an infographic a smart way to speak to your busy customers? What’s the messaging priority in your packaging design? What colours resonate with you and your community? Every choice matters and we sweat each one.

Print design

  • Brochure & Catalogue
  • Stationery
  • Event & Tradeshow Display
  • Signage
  • Vehicle & Apparel
  • Templates

Digital Design

  • Social Media Design
  • Advertising Assets
  • Website Graphics
  • Digital Banners
  • Presentations


  • Custom Illustration
  • Icons
  • Infographics


We all want to be known and valued for who we truly are. Brands are no different. Together, we’ll make your essence real and irresistible.

Web Design & Development

Express yourself and your business online with a website design that is clean, effortlessly navigated, and 100% you.


You’ve poured so much of yourself into your product or service. Make it come to life with the help of our expert product and lifestyle photographers.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

What is Sobi’s design process?

Like everything we do, it starts with a conversation, to determine what you’re after and if we’re the right fit. If so, we work together to determine the best design assets for the job, give you a detailed quote, and once it’s approved we’re off. Most designs start with inspiration exploration: we create moodboards, showing different design styles, colours and other stimuli to make sure we’re seeing your vision. Based on the selected moodboard, we brainstorm rough concepts, share them in sketches that capture the essence of the design, then refine the design concepts until you’re happy. We’ll finalize the process by preparing all final artwork to your (or your printer’s) specifications.

What makes a good brochure?

Brochures continue to be widely used because they’re a cost-effective way of delivering just the right amount of information. Well-designed brochure effectively communicates your key messages, engages your target audience, and persuades them to take action. It sells when you’re not there. Clear and concise messaging can help deliver your key call-to-action, while well-organized layouts with engaging visuals captures the reader’s attention. Hard-working elements include product photos, testimonials, bullet points and other readability tools, and clear contact information. 

Do I really need a business card?

It’s a digital world but a personal, human touch still matters, perhaps more than ever. So business cards continue to be an essential tool for networking and professional interactions. Handing out a professionally-designed business card shows that you’re prepared and serious about your business and the person you’re giving it to. It adds a level of credibility and can help you make memorable impressions on potential clients or partners. They’re still the fastest way to share your contact information, as they can be exchanged quickly during networking events or any other milieu. They’re also a chance to showcase your brand – and your imagination – in a creative way!

Why is typography important?

In design and communication, typography is where tone of voice, attitude and personality come to life. It makes messaging memorable and helps ensure your intent is delivered. Functionally, it helps you ensure that text is easy to read and understand, as the choice of font size, spacing and line length greatly impact how quickly and effortlessly people consume written content. Typography also creates a visual hierarchy of messaging, guiding the reader’s attention in the way you want the story to unfold. Fonts also play a major role in brand identity, as they are a key element of a businesses logo design and name. The right font can differentiate a brand and give it a distinct personality: they can help you be bold, serious, fun, anything you choose.