Product & Lifestyle

A flash of feeling.

People scan hundreds of photos every single day. How do you make them stop at yours, and ensure it communicates everything you stand for?

Our photography process is a collaboration. Concepts and suggestions are brainstormed together. We create mood boards to showcase options and align with your vision. The collaboration continues through the editing and finishing stages too. And of course, if we’re shooting packaging, we’d love to design it too.

A photo is a feeling. Quality? Integrity? Expertise? People can feel it or not feel it. Let’s make sure they do.

Make time for magic.

Getting photography right means doing a lot of things right beforehand, so the shoot days are stress-free. Whether it’s product or lifestyle, on location or in studio, we handle lighting, props, set design, every detail. The day is planned, not just to be efficient, but to leave enough time for precious spontaneity: planned magic.



We all want to be known and valued for who we truly are. Brands are no different. Together, we’ll make your essence real and irresistible.

Graphic Design

Design is a language: like speaking, the less and more distinctive the better. Let’s express your voice and personality through colour, graphics and more.

Web Design & Development

Express yourself and your business online with a website design that is clean, effortlessly navigated, and 100% you.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Why do I need product photography?

In today’s marketplace, where almost everyone spends hours a week composing, selecting and even editing their own cellphone photos, consumer expectations around product and service photography have never been higher. Well-lit, expertly composed and creatively staged photos convey all the quality and effort you’ve put into your product or offer: anything less detracts. They give you an essential asset for all digital platforms, from social media and websites, to animated videos and more. Quality product photos also convey an accurate representation of your product so people can really see what they’re buying. Photography gives you the ability to creatively show off your product in different ways throughout the year as well, whether it’s a Christmas bundle or a summertime discount offer. 

How many product photos do I need?

The number of product photos varies depending on the type of product, the number of features you want to point out, and all the different places (website, posters, etc.) it will appear. It’s recommended to have multiple photos for each product to ensure variety, showcase different aspects of the product and provide a comprehensive view to potential customers. Around five to ten images per product is ideal, as well as group shots if the product is part of a series. 

What does a product photography shoot include?

A product photography photoshoot includes props, lighting equipment, and a space for the shoot. Prop selection depends on the product, the season and the overall goals of the shoot. For example, a christmas tea packaging shoot might include mugs, christmas decorations, a colorful backdrop and cookies. Each shoot is unique to the brand and purpose.

How many photos does a photo shoot include?

This all depends on your product and the amount of products you have… but we always take more than enough photos! This allows us to hand-pick the images that we feel represent your brand and objectives best, and try different compositions and effects that we’ve pre-planned as well as improvised with while shooting. On average, you’ll walk away with approximately ten images per product depending on the length of the shoot. If it’s a two-day shoot, image quantity will double.