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Protective Lensware

This born-in-Whistler start-up was a totally new concept: lens covers to protect expensive ski and snowboard goggles from scratching when not in use. It was also a sustainable one, made from recycled plastic bottles. We needed to match this out-of-the-box thinking with out-of-the-ordinary design, with enough variety to satisfy the huge target audience: any and everyone with goggles!

Seven years after launch, Sobi has designed and creative-directed hundreds of original Gogglesoc designs, from silly to sophisticated, minimal to majestic. We’ve tailor-made designs for specific ski resorts and centers like Telluride and Whistler Blackcomb, worked with brands to create over a hundred corporate styles, and sought out popular artists for limited edition designs.

We also kicked-off the whole brand with point-of-sale, packaging, catalogues and more. A bit of trivia: one of our very first designs was “Bad Kitty,” a cool black cat wearing reflective shades that’s still a top seller today.

Anna has been invaluable to building our company brand and focus, bringing an innovative perspective to hone our offering.”
Josh Gray
I couldn't recommend Anna more highly for graphic design work. She is creative, easy to work with and completes projects very efficiently.”
Rich Adrian Smith
The results are in

Since the 2016 launch, Gogglesocs are now in 23 countries

Over 2.7 million socs sold worldwide

Sobi-designed soc still #1 selling soc out of entire catalogue