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Whistler Cannabis Co.

Organic Medicinal & Recreational Cannabis

The Whistler Medicinal Marijuana Company was launching not only a new recreational cannabis line, but it would be Canada’s first organic cannabis as well. And for many Whistlerites, including our environmentally-minded client, enjoying the great outdoors is their #1, #2 and #3 priority. Brand-wise, it was time to leave the lab and hit the trails.

Community, product, outdoors, friends and good times: we stacked it all together, lit a match and ignited a simple design that fused the marijuana leaf and a campfire.

We then built the brand out with apparel as comfortable and earthy as the product, naturalistic photography, with print and digital collateral that made you feel the authenticity and effort in the craft. All of it, designed with an elegant yet approachable touch, reflected an expert, trusted leader.

Working with Anna on our branding was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Her thoughtful approach to design yielded creative solutions that were original and innovative. She is organized, a great communicator and always professional, the full creative package.”
Sophie Rivers
Whistler Cannabis Co