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Virtue Lemonade

Vodka Mixer

When your goal is to stand out for giving people less — less sugar and sweetness, no carbonation or artificial flavours, just a flawlessly authentic old-fashioned experience — now that’s a great brief. And while everyone says it’s all about the taste, this one really is.

Like the drink itself, we did nothing to get in the way of the experience. Sobi gave the great name an appealing humility with a lower-case treatment, and referenced traditional country-style signs in the font. It speaks to craftsmanship, which the hand-drawn illustrations reinforced. Freshly cut fruit floating at the top of a big, cold glass.

The unfussy overall look — monochromatic cans with a single pop of blue and a flood of flavour colour — suggests simple, natural flavours and ingredients, and was designed to appeal to a wide demographic.

Anna is great to work with because her creative is always thoroughly researched and conceptualized. The end result is inspired, original and beautifully put together.”
Janet Vouzas
Virtue Lemonade