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What the Flour

Gluten-Free Baking

A classic Sobi client: a mom with a love for baking, a son with serious food intolerances, and a fearless spirit that sparked the irreverent product name. We collaborated with Vancouver’s Crew Marketing to shake up the gluten-free category with that same spirit, aimed at a younger, health-conscious but very foodie market.

Gluten-free doesn’t mean personality or taste-free, and our branding made sure customers knew that instantly. We made the packaging and the name unmissable, and crafted all the rest — custom playful photography, bright pastels, cheery fonts and striking colour combos — to deliver on integrity, taste and fun, from packaging to website and beyond.

The simple and versatile design platform let us move into new SKUs with ease and speed. This audience loves brands with clean design and quirky attitude. They also don’t mind a little swearing when the flour’s this F’n good!

Anna is a pleasure to work with. She reacts quickly and I am always blown away by her creativity. Anna takes the time to really understand your brand and brings your vision to life. I highly recommend Anna.”
Danielle McKenzie
What the Flour