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Collagen Supplements

The supplement market’s never been more crowded or complicated. Sproos saw an opportunity to stand-out with simplicity and a smile, and be the fresh, friendly collagen for everyone.

Sobi captured this ethos through clean, bright design; delightful and descriptive illustrations; big, clear fonts; refreshingly direct messaging — to catch the eye on a crowded shelf or website, and tell people an easy way to discover first-rate collagen was here.

Starting with three foundational products with very clear benefits, we’ve helped Sproos diversify to a dozen products, including superfoods, maintaining the same colourful, positive and clear approach throughout.

Anna is always a pleasure to work with! She is extremely fast and reliable. We have worked with her for years now and is an integral part of our marketing and product packaging. If you're looking for a graphic designer to support your business, look no further!”
Carly Chagas
The results are in

Now sold in grocery stores across North America

Soon to be a global brand launching in Europe

Canada’s National Post newspaper named Sproos best greens with collagen