sobi whistlerbrewery graphicdesign illustration 1


Whistler Brewery

The town of Whistler is a legendary brand itself, so its namesake brewery has a lot to live up to. Especially at a moment when craft beer can design now rivals the creative brews themselves. In this ultra-competitive category, a can must convey distinctiveness, quality and more, all in a moment.

Like each of the brewery’s beers, Sobi approaches each package as a unique recipe, sharing a vibrant palette and an expressive, aspirational feel.

Rich illustrations of Whistler’s endless outdoor opportunities that recall classic travel posters; personality-filled fonts that capture the spirit of each flavour; and eye-catching, deeply-layered design.

It has been a pleasure to work with Anna to date as she has done a great job with creating new brand design concepts for Whistler Brewing, right from the conceptual stage and developing them all the way to final artwork. Her energy and enthusiasm have helped to not only revitalize the overall brand look for Whistler but to make each design more eye catching and impactful on shelf.”
Andrew Schoonen
Whistler Brewery