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Wellness Beverages

Let’s deliver benefit-packed functional superfoods in yummy retro flavours and day-glo colours… like a soda fountain in a health food store! We leapt at the chance to make this brand as much of a treat to look at as it is to sip.

Our moodboard overflowed with stimuli: nostalgic flavours and colours, superfood goodness, tasty ingredients, sparkle, sun, and most of all, fun. Vintage-feel font design gave the logo a smile; custom product photography used funky glassware that helped the colourful beverages pop.

The fun continued on the website, where each product was photographed and art-directed in lively pastel settings, with playful details and propping that gave it all a peppy games night vibe. In all we did, we sought to stand out from the earnest good-for-you crowd while still feeling super-authentic, appealing to savvy consumers in their wellness phase, but who still crave a sweet treat.

Working with Anna over the past few years such a pleasure. Most recently, she has helped us bring a company re-brand to life, two new product lines to fruition, as well as a new brand launch. The products we have created with Anna are sold in Grocery stores across Canada and continue to gain momentum. We are so grateful to have Anna's talents in our corner - she is a great collaborator, works quickly, and always has an open mind!”
Laura Chodola